Friday, November 30, 2018

five months with m&m.

Okay I've been in denial up until this point.  I think I can finally admit that these girls are NO LONGER newborns.  They might be wearing newborn size onesies in these pictures, but newborns they are no longer!  

This month the girls regressed a tiny bit with sleep.  (I blame Hawaii & Daylight Savings Time).  They are still pretty good, but wake up once a night around 3:30 to eat.  I'll take it!  They still nap great during the day and are on the same schedule. 

Still nursing and having bottles of formula to supplement.  We have tandem nursing down to an art these days and the girls hold hands while they eat. Slowly growing and fitting into 0-3 month clothes.  They've come so far from their little four pound days!  

I don't think they are teething quite yet, but they have started to chew on their hands a ton.

They finally both rolled over tummy to back!  They are getting better on their tummies and their heads aren't as wobbly anymore.

The girls' awkward hairlines are starting to fill in - no more Friar Tuck hair ;)

Packed away all the newborn size clothes and didn't shed one tear. Who am I?!

The girls are still not REALLY laughing.  They've given us a few pity giggles when we're trying super hard, but nothing that really counts yet I don't think.  I think month six will be the month!

Mila does this really sad lip quiver if you make a loud noise.  

Meg reminds us of a meerkat and always has her head up and alert when we hold her.

Meg "talks" a ton and is starting to blow raspberries.

The girls do tummy time facing each other and smile and chat...and sometimes scratch each other!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

four months with m&m.

Ohh it's been the best month yet with these two.  Month four will forever be known as the month where WE SLEPT!  And the twins slept! All night!  And lots during the day!  Hallelujah!  The day they turned three month and ever since, something clicked with the twins and they become little dream babies.  They usually go down for the night after a bath around 7-7:30, and don't wake up to eat again until 4:40 and sometimes as late as 5:30.  Then after a quick feeding, they go down until they wake for the day around 7:30.  During the day they have been napping well and take about two 2 hour naps, a 1 hour nap, and then a cat nap before bed.  I know teething will be here soon and they don't sleep as well, but we sure are enjoying the rest we have missed so much!

The girls have become little social butterflies this month.  They are so smiley and starting to babble.  Meg is consistently the more social one, Mila is still a tad more serious, but much more smiley than last month.  They are so much fun.

Meg is a hair above nine pounds and Mila is getting close to eleven pounds.  Meg is still in newborn diapers and clothes but Mila finally graduated to size one diapers and we are busting out some 0-3 outfits finally.  I pretty much match them every day except when I'm needing to do laundry.

The girls are still little piggies and love to eat.  I'm nursing tons during the day but still can't keep up with their demands!  They scarf a little formula a couple times a day and love it, too.

We have heard teeny tiny giggles a couple times!

The girls had their very first of many trips to Disneyland and are pro travelers already.  Disney runs in their genes!  They were oohed and ahhed at in their princess onesies by passerbys and ate it right up.

Still not rolling over or scooting or doing any big girl things.  I'm totally fine with it.  Not ready for mobile babies yet!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

three years with ella rose.

Our 8 lb 2 oz third baby girl turns 3 today!  What a huge year it's been for our baby girl! 

Ella is sassy, stubborn, and downright hilarious.  She's probably been our hardest kid so far, but her silliness & love for her family makes up for it!  She was the EASIEST baby, so of course she had to be a little hard as a toddler, right?

Ella loves princesses, babies, coloring and play doh.  She changes in and out of princess dresses all day long and can often be seen around town wearing them.  We choose our battles wisely with this year and that's just one we choose to "let her be little!"  

She became a big sister x2 at the end of June and is a great helper.  She often has to be reminded to be careful with the twins & not poke their eyes out, but she just loves them so much it's hard for her to not squeeze them. :)  She always tells them "Hi honey!" and "Good morning sunshine!".   She's just the best.

Ella loves her big sisters and wants to do just what they're doing when they get home from school.  She also loves to torment them, but that's just part of the little sister gig!

She's an awesome eater, and not too picky about whatever is for dinner.  If we ask her how her food is she'll stick two thumbs up and say "NUMMY" in the funniest voice.

Even though I'm busy taking care of the babies a lot, she still wants to be my sidekick 24/7.  Doesn't matter if I'm nursing two babies, she will squish RIGHT by us and make sure she's included in the fun.  She had a little jealousy with the twins at first, but has since learned that she can basically just squeeze herself right by me no matter what I'm doing.  I hope she's always my cuddle bug!

Ella is known for her mischievous ways.  It's been a year of cleaning up sharpie off walls, saving her from climbing up high counters, & catching her painting her finger nails (and the floors) with nail polish...and so many more shenanigans!  

She has a tender heart and if someone is sad, she will do whatever she can to make them laugh. She was very patient with me while I was exhausted during my pregnancy.  She would always say, "Your tummy hurts mom?  Your back?  Need to rest?" 

She started ballet this year and LIVES for Thursday mornings.  I cannot wait to watch her at her first recital!  I'm positive she will steal the show with her sass.

She still naps most every day for about 2-3.5 hours.  My other girls stopped by age 2.5 so this has been the best treat!  Her crib tent has worked wonders in getting her to stop climbing out.  

Basically, Ella is our ray of sunshine, our go with the flow kiddo, and our forever middle child!  We love her so much and so glad she is part of our family.  She makes our lives crazier, more hilarious, & SO much more fun!  Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

month three with m&m.

Our little twinkies are three months old!  It doesn't seem real.  They've grown up so much this month and are total different babies than month two!

-Month three was the month of alertness!  Smiling, cooing, & finally awake for more than 20 minutes at a time.  Kate is quicker to smile and Mila makes you work for it a bit.  They are SO. DANG. CUTE!!

-This was definitely are most challenging month so far.  With more alertness, comes less sleep!  They decided short naps are the way to go and also think it's cute to STILL get up every three hours at night.  Just the past week they have gotten a 5-6 hour stretch at night - too bad they go to bed at 7ish, so we don't really get that 5-6 hour stretch.. but still.  Progress!

-They are finally growing "big" and strong!  Meg is pushing 8 lbs and Mila is pushing 9 lbs!  Where did my little four pounders go?  Thankfully they've been eating great, nursing lots & having some bottles to supplement.  

-They love their soothie pacifiers.

-They are still pretty lazy with their tummy time sessions, but Meg can hold her head up for a while now.  Mia's noggin is just so heavy for her!

-The babies love their nightly bath - they smell like orange creamcicle goodness when they're done and I just eat them right up.

-Their typical day starts at 7 am, eat, play, and then down for an early nap around 8:30.  I put them in their swaddle sacks, give them their pacifiers, kiss & snuggle, & set them in their snuggle me beds.  Sometimes it takes some going back to the room to soothe until they finally go down.  Once they wake, it's up to eat again, play again, & nap a couple hours later.  And that repeats about two more times, then it's bath, nurse, big bottle, and bed!  And we cross our fingers for a peaceful night's sleep. :)

-The girls went on their very first out of town trip to Dillon's Beach for a night!  

-They had their baby blessing on the 16th of September and their daddy gave them a beautiful blessing.  They looked and acted like little angels the whole day. 

- They are both in newborn size clothes (and diapers) but will pull out an occasional 0-3 for fun.  Still a little big, but we're getting there! 

-They are a LOT less fussy this month.  No more long evenings of crying!  I think we are finally passed that gassy angry baby stage, they are pretty calm and content all day.  Thank you babies!

-The girls are SO SO different.  The way they look, their build, their personalities.  I love getting to know a little more about them each day.

So thankful these baby girls were sent to us.  They have been such gifts to our family and have taught us so much.  Usually with my babies time goes by so fast, but with them I've really slowed down and am just enjoying them so much.  Some days are long and I am exhausted often, but these sweet girls make it all worth it.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

twins blessing day

On September 16th, Steve gave the girls each a beautiful blessing, unique and special just for them.  It was such a wonderful day spent with family and friends!  We are so grateful for these angel babies. They were so good on their blessing day and looked so sweet.  My mom got them these darling dresses.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

month two with m&m.

Two sweet months with these precious babies.

The girls are growing like little weeds!  Emphasis on the word "little", considering they aren't even as big as my other three were at birth quite yet.  Meg is almost seven pounds and Mila is about 7.5 lbs.  I'm so used to their tiny-ness and forget until I hear a stranger ask me, "How many days old are they?"

The girls take about 3 naps a day, - early morning, mid morning, and afternoon.  During the evening they take cat naps and go down for the night somewhere around 8-9.  They usually get up twice a night to eat, but last night they only got up once.  Crossing my fingers it stays that way!  We are not on a set schedule quite yet, but they are getting more predictable.  Their days are typically: wake, nurse, play for about an hour, go down for nap.  

They can be pretty fussy in the evening, especially Mila.  We have found carrying her in the wrap, taking a bath, or some extra nursing calms her right down.  

The girls have been out and about much more this month, we tote them along just about wherever we go - they've been to church (the first hour since I'm not down with tandem feeding in public), lots of dates with mom and dad, (can't bear to leave them yet) big sister's school, parks, a wedding, & we have lots more fun coming up.  We have some trips planned that will be absolutely nuts with all the kids but I'm so excited.  

The girls are officially 100% breastfed and I am so happy and proud of it!  It was no easy feat getting to this point, but I knew how much I love nursing once I have it down so I'm glad I stuck with all the latching issues, pumping for supply, etc.  I usually nurse them one at a time since they are pretty quick at eating now, but if they both happen to wake up both starving I throw them on my twin Z pillow and they eat at the same time.  

The girls are still quite serious, but we have gotten a handful of quick smiles from each of them.  They are getting better at eye contact and are finally starting to show bits of personality. 

Meg is very calm, and Mila is more of a diva.  They are only two months old but seem to be quite opposite already!

Meg is super skinny and long, and Mila is a little shorter & filled out.  They are in between preemie and newborn clothes - but pretty much everything is baggy on them still.

They nap and sleep swaddled in their Snuggle Me Organic beds, but at least once a day I'll grab one of the babies during Ella's nap or while she watches a show and have them sleep on me.  It's one of my favorite things in the world.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - twins are magical.  I have to pinch myself daily because I can't believe I get to do this. These girls are loved so, so much and despite the lack of sleep and time I am always excited and ready to wake up and do it all over again.  

Sunday, August 5, 2018

month one with m&m.

Our sweet twinners turned one month old this week!

The first month the twins basically slept 95% of the time. 

They had their first bath around 2.5 weeks old when both their cords finally fell off.  Meg loved it, Mila was a little unsure.  For their first bath they both fit in the Puj tub in the sink.  They already are too big to both fit now :(

Meg & Mila are definitely fraternal and easy to tell apart.  We think Meg looks like Kate and Mila looks like Ella.  Meg has a pinker skin tone and has super long skinny limbs, and fluffy sandy blonde hair.  Her eyes are bluish grey.  Mila has a more olive skin tone, a little more filled out, and has more brown hair.  Her eyes are a deep blue.  We just think they are the cutest little things we've ever seen.

The girls gained lots of weight this month - Meg gained about one pound and Mila gained about 1.5 pounds.  At one point they were only 4 lbs each! Most of the girls' dolls were bigger than the babies.  Even though they are still way tiny, they seem to big to us now.

Nursing started off a little hard, although it was pain free (which was SUCH a huge blessing since my others were terribly painful) since they were preemies latching was difficult.  Meg had an especially difficult time latching since she had grown accustomed to bottles in the NICU.  Thankfully I just stuck with it and kept trying and she eventually got used to it.

Feedings for the first month were every three hours on the dot: nurse, supplement with bottles, and then I would pump.  It was usually about an hour process, so we'd only get 2 hour stretches of sleep at night. (Yes, we!  Steve is my late night feeding partner in crime.) It was all worth it to have these babies grow! 

We finally got pretty good at tandem nursing which was a goal of mine, although I still love nursing them one on one sometimes too.

Meg is more chill, fusses less, and goes down to nap/sleep easy.  Mila is a little more of a cuddler and wants to nap on me.  She also requires lots more milk too since she's bigger.

We've started to brave the great outdoors more lately and have gone to the mall, to the splash pad, the park, & even a couple restaurants.  

The girls are in that ultra-sweet newborn stage where they are just starting to make small amounts of eye contact, giving sleepy smiles, & are happy to just cuddle all day.  They really only fuss while waking up, and a few times in the car.

The girls swam in their preemie clothes and diapers until just recently they've started to fit a little better.  Having such tiny babies is new for me but so fun and cute.  They only have about 3 outfits that fit right now so we are doing laundry often!

My mom has come while Steve is at work and has been a true lifesaver.  She helps me keep up with the house, feed and entertain the older girls so I haven't had to miss out on a single baby snuggle.  Such a gift I will never be able to repay!  

The girls have loved welcoming the babies into our family and have been such great help!  The older two can feed bottles, and hold/talk to a baby while I am attending to the other. Ella has been a little more clingy, which I fully expected.  She loves those babies but it's hard being a big sister sometimes - especially to two new sisters!

Overall it's been a month of dreams.  Everything I was so scared of about having twins seems SO silly now.  It's truly been double the cuddles, double the sweetness, and double the love.  (And yes, double the lack of sleep!).  Knowing these are my last babies has been such a great reminder to be as present as possible and enjoy every second.  We absolutely adore these baby girls and can't imagine life without them!